I’m the first to admit burnout and sleep deprivation is not fun. I've been through both.

In my years of juggling being a mother and working, I learnt that when you don’t make time to rest, your body decides when to rest for you — usually at a pretty inconvenient time. Safe to say, I fell off that ladder fast.

Our Founder

The Tenth Co founder was tired & wired, so she created natural vitamins to help with modern day stressors

My journey

I had two babies under two, going back to work, working 16 hours a day, struggling to fall asleep, and developing a pretty toxic relationship (with my inbox). It didn’t just impact me mentally, but physically too — blood tests don’t lie.

The tests I did reflected depletion in key vitamins and minerals, which results in digestion challenges, low mood & anxiety, lack of sleep, skin breakouts, and the list goes on.

I wasn’t able to relax (even mid-bubble bath), because I was in a constant state of stress. Fight or flight? My body chose both. 

I finally took time off to recover, which allowed me the space to dream of a better mental and physical state.

We're here to challenge the idea that feeling exhausted is the norm; you deserve to thrive (not just survive) your daily life.

So, what is the Tenth?

Vitamins, minerals & herbs for a sunnier state of mind.

A destination to cultivate the lighter side of life. Not an escape from reality — no, we’re very much a part of it — but something complementary, that helps us accept all of it: the ebbs and flows, the ups and downs, the light and dark. I believe that’s what makes up life. But sometimes when life falls out of balance; we fall out of balance, too.

Starting with evidence-based ingredients to help us find our flow — they holistically complement our attempts at a healthier, albeit chaotic, lifestyle.

What’s next for me? Let's see, for now, I’m here and I’m excited to share my story — if it helps 100,000 people or even just one person, it's been all worth it.

Lots of love,

Frida xx

It is possible to experience a calm, energised and revitalised state again.

Holistic Supplement for postpartum and postnatal depletion