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Unlocking the Power of Relaxation for Mothers through a Nourished Nervous System

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“The quality of our breathe is a direct correlation to the quality of our life”.

Welcome to a special movement practice that can help calm and clear your nervous system. Our nervous system has two modes: the "high arousal" mode (called the sympathetic nervous system sometimes also referred as "fight or flight") and the "calm and clear" mode (called the parasympathetic nervous system also referred as "rest & digest"). This practice below by the lovely Amy Cardomy is designed to shift your nervous system from the high arousal mode to the calm and clear mode, helping you feel more relaxed and at ease from the comfort of Your own home.

Naturally, as parents (especially being a new parent), we can feel more 'on edge' or anxious for a variety of reasons, being depleted, which leads us feeling tired, wired, this in turn can make our bodies tense. This tension can affect our nervous system and how we feel. This isn't 'bad' or that there is something 'wrong', it's just our bodies being the intelligent body it is, signalling that our body is trying to guard and protect itself from stressors. It's up to us to listen to it.

We can help your bodies along with simple posture shifts and movements, this can down regulate our nervous system, meaning this will help calm down our internal state to a more calmer state. You can take that deep breathe in and out now.

We all know the importance of self care, but we can find it hard to take the time for ourselves to do it, when there is always other things taking priority; but if you think about it the things to do never ends, do they? So why not make sure you also live for yourself, because when we feel good it tends to have a ripple effect around us. We hope to inspire you to try Amy's beautiful class below, give yourself  30min, but if it feels too much you can of course start with less; would love for you to engage in a movement practice that can bring relaxation and renewed energy, that may inspire you to do more things for you once you remind yourself again how your mind and body can feel.

Amy built this class especially for You, our The Tenth community, as many of us are postpartum; during pregnancy, a mother's body goes through changes to make space for our growing baby. These changes can affect our posture and how our body feels. Some of these changes include our lower back curving more, our ribs sticking out a bit more in the front, our ribcage getting wider, the tissues at the back of our body feeling compressed, and our breathing muscle, called the diaphragm, not moving as freely as before. This class will be a wonderful support and will gently work on mobilising specific areas of the thoracic spine ensuring our primary breathing muscle, the diaphragm, is free to explore its full range of motion.

When we breathe better, we feel better. 

Enjoy x


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  • Embodied Flow Teacher Training module with International Somatic Movement Therapist & Yoga teacher Tara Judelle, Melbourne 2016

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  • VFA Cert 3&4 Personal Training Full time, Melbourne 2011

  • 200HR Yoga Teacher Training with Bhava Centre, Melbourne 2010

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