How stress and depletion supplements works -

How stress and depletion supplements works

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Stress levels rising above sea-levels? We’re all a little stressed and depleted, even if we don’t know it.

Stress is helpful, in certain situations. It’s a rise in cortisol, a hormone that keeps us alert, motivated, and prepared to avoid danger. To keep ourselves safe, our body temporarily halts other executive functions. Like our digestive system, or immune system. Except, we’re releasing cortisol in instances where our body thinks we’re in danger, but we’re not. Like opening our emails. Or thinking of our overflowing to-do list. Or paying our taxes.

In today’s world, it’s hard not to be stressed. Stress causes a lot of symptoms – some subtle, some not-so-subtle. Like acne, headaches, chronic pain, illness, fatigue, insomnia, decreased libido, digestion issues, appetite changes, low mood, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, sweating, and muscle tension. Yeah, it’s a lot.

While we can’t avoid stressful situations, we can manage them.

There are some simple things you can do to help yourself feel less overwhelmed, like consciously switching off, getting enough sleep, eating well, connecting with friends & family. But sometimes, even if you're doing it all and you still can’t relax, even mid bubble-bath. That's where supplements can help. Supplements specifically designed to sort out stress – and all it’s subtle and not-so-subtle symptoms. 

How can supplements help with depletion and stress? 


When we are stressed, we deplete a host of key nutrients, which impacts how we feel. Even when we don’t notice the obvious signs of stress, if we are always-on (aka always in a state of fight or flight) our body signals that we’re in danger and hits pause on our bodily functions — digestion, hormonal, immunity — so we can focus on said danger. Even if the “danger” is just a full inbox.


On depletion, Doctor Oscar Serrallach says: “It involves many mineral, vitamin and nutrient insufficiencies; a disease process typically deals with deficiency. It's important to understand the difference between these two words. Insufficiency is where the level of mineral, vitamin or nutrient is not in the disease-producing range, but in the suboptimal range. In other words, an insufficiency won’t give you a disease, but it means that your cells and organs are not able to run properly. This in turn, can make you feel terrible.” Or as we like to say, tired and wired. 


If only we could go on vacation every time our stress levels start to rise above sea level. 

While that’s not possible, we can access the next best thing: a vacation in a capsule, if you will.

So when we’re going through a busy season in life, wearing multiple hats, doing the juggle; our mind, body and skin can start to feel worn down. This is exactly why we created our Flow State, so you can get the TLC you deserve and get back to a lighter state of mind.

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